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Hadoop Training in Marathahalli

Nowadays Marthahalli has become a hub for IT training and education in Bangalore, there is a great need for quality Hadoop Training in Marathahalli. A lot of institutes are offering Hadoop Training in Marathahalli, but how many of them are really capable of giving the real-time professional training in Hadoop.

Login Software has long back established itself as the pioneer in giving real-time training in Hadoop Training in Marathahalli. It has become one of the prominent training institutions Hadoop Training in Bangalore as well.

  •      Overview of Big Data & Hadoop
  •      Software Installation
  •      HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System)
  •      Map Reduce-1(Classic)
  •      Map Reduce-2(YARN)
  •      Spark
  •      Impala
  •      Pig
  •      Hive
  •      Scoop
  •      HCatalog
  •      Beeline
  •      HBase
  • Other Courses